This secret pleasure of tango...


While reading the answers to the « tango little pleasures » plan, I realized the existence of a secret

In view of the 200 little tango pleasures collected to date, two thirds are linked with the concept of
performance, this is huge. But what is performance in tango?

« To perform is to make sense for a public, in a place and a given space-time. »

A tango demo performed in a milonga (relation actor/public plus a place and a given space-time)
opens in the dansor’s minds a realm of possibility in the tango (making sense).
This sure is a performance.

When I wear my tango shoes in a milonga (limited place and space-time), the people who look at
me (relation actor/public) imagine that wearing specific shoes I am involved in the danse ( sense

I perform without realizing.

We perform a lot of things without realizing it, out of concern for conformity or distinction.
Completely assimilated to the tango scene, the performative part of the milonga produces a part
of its vigor.
In tango, performing is a way (amongst many others)


- to give oneself courage
- to hide
- to forget oneself
- put some people out of your way
- to release oneself
- to explore oneself
- to question

Performance enhances the expression of the diversity in the humanity. It is healthy, as far as it is
contractualized, agreed, and limited to a certain given space and duration.
And that may be one of the treasures of tango. Being governed by a strict tradition obliges
everybody at first to conform to the risk of being excluded.
Conformism obliges everybody to play tango, to perform.

Steven cohen performance

Thank's to Morganne for this traduction ...
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